April Business Tip

Family Affect on Business

presented by Ralph Geronimo - World Brokers

The family is the lynch pin of our society. Peace and harmony there can mean good things happening elsewhere.

Skipper Chuck, Capt Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers were wholesome children’s shows sent into our homes electronically. Today, we fight to keep negativity, pornography and violence from coming into our homes.

What’s this all to do with business?

I have found during 50 years of marriage that when there was not peace & harmony in our home, it was difficult for me to concentrate on being productive in the market place.

In essence, today my message to us, moms, dads, grandparents, is to defend your homes from this electronically delivered negativity and violence which affects adults and children alike. Peace at home can allow you to experience the sweet fruit of success in your work endeavors.

I leave you with this axiom of business success:

  • Come out of your comfort zone
  • Do what others are not willing to do
  • Play in the workplace arena where your passion leads you

This will allow you to be successful and become the best version of yourself.