Please note:  Members must abide by the PBBA Bylaws to maintain their membership in good standing. Please take a moment to review...

We are glad to have you join our group and provide two ways for you to get started.
(Please note, your membership is registered as your business, so once one person joins, anyone in your business is welcome to attend as a member.)

Pay with a credit card online:

Annual Business Membership

If you are renewing your membership (or joining for the first time before June 30), the annual $150 dues covers you until December 31.

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Mid-Year Business Membership (after June 30)

If you are joining the PBBA for the first time and the date is after June 30, you will pay $90 dues and have membership until December 31.

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...and upon payment you will receive an email receipt asking you to fill out this membership information form. Please do so carefully, so that your data is correct in our database, directories and paperwork.

Mail a check along with this printable membership application form or mailing a check to us and filling out this membership information form online.