November Business Tip

Why Should Someone do Business with You?

Presented by Pamela Mayers, EWM Real Estate

Someone in my office had an aunt looking for a 3 million dollar house.  If she sold them the house, my associate could then afford to have the surgery that would let her have a baby. The aunt went with a different realtor.  I thought that was harsh but my manager questioned why the aunt should do business with her niece.  What had the niece done to make herself the Expert in the area her aunt wanted to buy?  What do we do to make ourselves the best in the business.  Your at the meeting networking so that’s a start!  How do you make your self the expert-Read, network, spend the extra hours working, learn more about your business than your competition. 

Next you need to let people know you are the best choice.  What are doing in regards to marketing.  I love to get referrals but you still have to advertise-just ask Grant Miller. My uncle Jack use to tell me people like to do business with winners.  Convey to prospects and your customers your successes without sounding like you are bragging.  Marketing is in social media AND what you say to every person you meet about your business. 

Next you will be the expert if you give 150%.  Yes, we all like to make money but it you must prove to your customers it is about them!  University of Miami’s slogan “ its all about the U is a great one.”  It is all about our customers knowing what we do for them-------making them feel lucky they have bought from your business. 

Do these simple things and you will be the expert and very deserving of your customers business.