September Business Tip

Batch your time to become ultra-productive

Presented by Marcell Hetenyi, CPA, CTRS, MACC (Forensic) - Scheckner & Hetenyi PL

Managing your time for maximum results can be a challenge for most, especially for successful business owners. Juggling all of the duties of being a business owner, a spouse, a parent and a friend is usually a struggle and many times results in not accomplishing what you set out to do which leaves you feeling stressed and frustrated at the end of the day. The following 10 tips can help you manage your schedule better, creating more time for yourself and become ultra-productive.

  1. Set up scheduling systems to support you and allow your business to run efficiently.
  2. Focus on revenue-generating activities first and support activities second.
  3. Delegate the tasks you don’t have time to do to an assistant or other team members or perhaps even outsource them altogether.
  4. 4. Batch your time by scheduling your day in different time blocks. During that time focus on nothing else but the designated task at hand. Do not get distracted by emails and phone calls, but instead schedule a time block for addressing those as well.
  5. Use tools to help you with scheduling or documenting dates or information. This could be the calendar in Outlook or something as simple as an old-fashioned weekly planner.
  6. Include Family events in your scheduler or calendar integrated with your business activities to ensure that you do not miss important family events.
  7. Designate time for workout and relaxation.
  8. Pre-plan your meals to ensure you do not end up eating fast food and other unhealthy meals regularly.
  9. Get plenty of sleep.
  10. Schedule down time to take a break from everyday life and go on vacation, spend time with the family, or just have a few days with nothing scheduled and nothing planned. It is important to take time to enjoy your life…you deserve it!